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Kind words from people I worked with. . .

Students and faculty


“Thanks Marta. I just completed the survey and sent it off. You are really a good resource to communicate with regarding options.” Malcolm.

“Good Morning Miss Pulley, I wanted to thank you for all of your help and encouragement during the online process, your encouragement inspired me to persevere.” William.

“Thank you Marta for everything!!!. . . . You have been my saving grace this semester!. . .XOXO,” Kandace.

“Thank you Marta.  I appreciated your assistance in getting me up and running in Moodle.  I can tell that this is going to be a great class.” Sophia.

“Hi Marta, Thank you for these wonderful resources.” Olaposi

 “Hi, Marta. You are already on top of things so I really thank you for that. The recommended rubrics are very well written. So we will keep them.” Eunee

Dr. Barbara Oakley, instructor Coursera's LHTL course

“Dear Marta, Thank you so much for this!  You are doing such a superb job with this behind-the-scenes work that I’ve gone ahead and added you as staff.  Now you should be able to go in to the video in question, and add the newly augmented and beautifully formatted transcripts on your own, as you gradually complete them.  This is absolutely awesome—we can’t thank you enough! Warmly, Barb”

Stephanie Mills, English Alive Academy

“Many, many thanks for all your hard work Marta - initially we had 4 people working on this - one for each year group - however out of the 4, you have been the only one to take action - amazing! - especially since grade 4 was the hardest of them all! I hope that you enjoy your new job and of course, I would be most happy to be a reference any time. Once again, many, many thanks" – Stephanie Mills 

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