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Here are some of the projects I completed in my MSIDT program at Walden

Advanced Instructional Design

This project is a sequel to a previous course group project (EIDT-6100). In this project, each one of us in the group further refined and personalized the design and implementation to meet our individual style and our specific targeted audience.  The topic of this project was Nutrition for Healthy Cholesterol.  The training session went really well.  I had five students come over to my house (the place of training). As part of the assessment, students had to prepare a meal (lunch) by selecting ingredients that were cholesterol friendly.  I set up a table with various ingredients, both good and not so good for the students to choose from in preparing their lunch.  Let's just say...the temptations were high to go for the mayonnaise than for the yogurt. 

Distance Learning

For this project I developed an Online Orientation course for students new to online learning.  I chose Canvas as my LMS (Learning Management System).  It was my first time using a LMS to create a course.  Within the eight weeks of the project, I had to learn all about Canvas and design the online course.  To view the course, click here and enroll as a student.  You will be asked to provide your email address.  If you have never taken an online course, make this your opportunity to find out what it's all about.....for free!  Feel free to do the activities and to provide feedback or comments.


Project Management in Education & Training

This project allowed me to apply my project management skills and experience to the instructional design process.  From the project management aspect, I enjoyed the opportunity to design a project plan from start to finish applying the full PM processes (usually not feasible in the real world) - SOW, WBS, Communications Plan, Project Scope, Cost Estimate, Gantt Chart, Project Status, and Closeout.

What I also discovered through this project is the "process" similarities between project management and instructional design.

Capstone Project

In this project, I designed and delivered a 2-hours long training on how to become a substitute family childcare provider.  Since I own and operate a family childcare service, for this project, I served as the client, the SME, the instructional designer, and the trainer.  The presentation module was a face-to-face format combining the explanation of each unit with a follow-up demonstration of tasks and procedures relevant to the training. Students were provided with a training manual to guide them through the presentation.


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